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Double Game Bundle!

Two games in one bundle! Get two games and two very different play styles for one price! Defend and build a base in Palisade Runner! Then shoot down enemy forces in the protest game jam game The Candy Skull Lords: The Candy Crisis! Different is good! Buy them both for one price!

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Palisade Runner:

Palisade Runner was a short science fiction story with tower defense as a backbone. Also the predecessor to Colony First!

You have been left behind in the nightly evacuations, you don't have that many options left. You have to face the zombie hordes alone with nothing but a freeze gun and whatever they're authorized to build. You have, however, been promised a costly rescue, but you have to come up with the funds before the horde becomes too much. Can you survive until rescue arrives?

Colony First?

That's right! Palisade Runner is an older game I've never done anything with. Now with losing time and funds and seeing as it's the only thing I have, I've decided to try and turn it into a better, more fleshed out game and rename it to Colony First. That includes giving it a story, better graphics, and other features that will completely change the game. To do that I need funding to continue developing and paying for art. Fortunately, not all art needs to be paid for, (hopefully). A new version will be out early Spring 2017 with new building graphics. What happens next with the game is up to you! Help me improve the graphics of the game by purchasing a copy or two! Here's a couple screenshots of the updated buildings. Hopefully with funding the enemies will look better too! Thank you for choosing to support Colony First!


  • Build towers, gates, walls to defend yourself against the zombie hordes!
  • Fund your operation with silos, stray gold deposits, and occasional gold dropped from zombies!
  • Build custom sprawling bases! Crush zombies under walls and gates!
  • Help keep the hordes back with your freeze cannon or let the turrets gun them down for you!
  • Zombies! Airborne Microbes! Giant Mutant Flying Roaches! Ghost Ships!


WASD to move.

Mouse over a structure icon to figure out which key is needed to press to build.

Press structure key to enter build mode, then click with mouse to place structure.

Shoot by holding down left mouse button.

Slide Show Trailer:


Shown on indieE3:


Coverage on Palisade Runner begins on minute 28!

The Candy Skull Lords: The Candy Crisis! :

You have just upgraded your fighter to be eligible for the status of a Skull Lord. Congratulations! Unfortunately, the other skull lords have seen this as a threat, and have sent their skull fighters to kill you. One even shot a massive fire ball at you. But fortunately, it hit a freighter full of candy instead! How long can you survive against the armadas of the skull lords?

Single Player: Mouse to move. Click to use shield.

Multiplayer: Player 1 WASD, Player 2 IJKL


  • Endless stream of candy to destroy!
  • 4 different types of enemies in various colors to kill!
  • 2 different enemy movement patterns!
  • Giant bosses!
  • Beat your last score or die trying!
  • Local co-op single screen multi-player!
  • Secret mode!
  • Explosions!

More About The Game:

This game was made during the Candy Jam Protest Game jam. Another developer tried to copyright the word "Candy". So a bunch of us developers got together and made a whole bunch of games where their title had the word "candy" in them. Preferably as many times as possible. While we don't know the full extent of this protest game jam, a lot of games were made because of it.

Some of them aren't that great. This is one of those. It deals with the frustration of never ending odds against you and you can't really win.

As far as to what happened to that developer? Well, the good news is they didn't get the copyright. Whether or not we had an impact it's hard to say. But it's nice to believe that we did. Enjoy the game! Or try to, at any rate!




"omigosh this is straight cray-cray. the shield is off-center though. I'll check out multi when I can enlist my kids to help :)"

-Steve Richey @stvr_tweets

Site: http://www.steverichey.com/

"You did a good job, it's fun :D"

-Jennifer Dawe

Let's Plays:

"Candy Skull Lords by @xhunterko is easily one of my favorite #candyjam games thus far. Still going through them." @strictmachine



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